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Friday, October 29, 2010

Rejection #3

Dear Mr. Azar:

Thank you for your interest in publication with Drollerie Press. Unfortunately, LIQUID MARBLE is not quite right for us at this time. We wish you every success in finding a home for it. That said, I really enjoyed certain aspects of your voice and hope you will submit to us again.

***** ******
Senior Editor,
Vice President of Communications

Liquid Marble is the first story I wrote for a series of paranormal detective stories about a character I have. I'm very happy with the development of the series, and plan on putting together anywhere between 12-15 stories about this one character into a single book. This series has been my focus for the past bit, and while I'm disappointed that it was rejected, but am glad of the encouraging words. I currently have another of the detective stories submitted to the same publisher, lets hope that it doesn't join this list of rejections.