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Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Look What I Found" now available!

Remember that creepy cover of the baby doll's head? Well I hope you have room on your bookshelves (or at least space on your eReaders) because "Look What I Found" is now available.  This anthology is actually kind of special to me, it contains the first story of mine to get accepted for publication.  It's a story titled "The Anonymous Portrait" and was inspired by one of my favorite authors, Edgar Allan Poe.  While this isn't my first published story, this is the story that started this great year for my writing.  Since it's acceptance, I've had another seven stories follow, three of which have already seen print.  Thanks to everyone for the support, and keep reading.

You can purchase the book here, do it now!

Despite the previous joke, this book is NOT currently available as an eBook.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Latest Story Acceptance

I am pleased to announce that "Mindless Thoughts" has been accepted for publication in Post Mortem Press' anthology New Dawn Fades, a collection of zombie stories.  The tentative release date is late 2011/early 2012.

I'll post the cover image in a month or so to continue hype for these release rolling. Keeping checking back for more updates.

For those keeping track, three of my stories have been published and five more are on their way in as little as four months (hopefully).  If you'd like an easy way to find all of my publications in one spot, check out my author's page at, by clicking here.

Thanks, and enjoy it