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Macabre Movie Mausoleum

What began as a Halloween horror movie viewing tradition has grown into a year round collaboration with and is now the monthly feature Macabre Movie Mausoleum. MMM combines three of my favorite things; writing, horror movies, and alliteration.

Every month Geekade features a new horror movie review written by yours truly. Below you can find links to each of the already published reviews, and notes on when they were originally published.

The Possession
July 22nd 2016
MMM 14 - The Possession

       Dead Silence
     June 17th 2016
MMM 13 - Dead Silence

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
May 20th 2016
MMM 12 - The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

Final Girl           
April 15th 2016     
MMM 11 - Final Girl

March 11th 2016
MMM 10 - Maniac

       I Sell the Dead
   February 19th 2016
MMM 09 - I Sell the Dead

The Chosen
January 22nd 2016
MMM 08 - The Chosen

Jack Frost        
December 18th 2015  
MMM 07 - Jack Frost

November 20th 2015
MMM 06 - Thankskilling

         Nine Dead
October 30th 2015
MMM 05 - Nine Dead

The ABC's of Death
October 23rd 2015
MMM 04 - ABC's of Death

October 16th 2015         
MMM 03 - Shakma

The Tall Man
October 9th 2015
MMM 02 - The Tall Man
      The Traveler
   October 1st 2015
MMM 01 - The Traveler