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Now there's an easy way to find all of my available books, by clicking the links below. This page will be updated every time a new book is available (hopefully often) with a link to where each story is available.  Enjoy it, and keep reading.

1) School Days: Tales with an Edge - "I Knew we Kept you Around for a Reason" - A story about the lengths some go to be popular, with a paranormal twist. (also available at Barnes & Noble)
December 9th 2010

2) Isolation - "No Lights" - A tale of the nightmares that come when left alone in the dark. (also available at Barnes & Noble)
January 3rd 2011

3) Obsession - "Remember Me" - This is a piece about a vengeful spirit unhappy with his legacy surpassed by another.
August 13th 2011

4) Look what I Found - "The Anonymous Portrait" - A story about how sometimes someone else's past can come back to haunt you. (also available at Barnes & Noble)
September 26th 2011

5) Undertaker Tales: What They Don't Teach You at Mortuary School - "The Gravedigger's Apprentice" - A lesson in respecting the deceased, and how transgressions can come back to bite us. (also available at Barnes & Noble)

October 6th 2011

6) New Dawn Fades - "Mindless Thoughts" - An interesting perspective of the zombie genre that reminds us not to judge people, or zombies, by their cover. (also available at Barnes & Noble)
November 10th 2011

7) Monster Gallery - "Little Changes" - A short story anecdote about were-creatures and the need to have all the details before getting into a situation.
November 19th 2011

8) Yuletide Tales of Horror - "The Last Noel" - This is a disturbing look behind the scenes of Santa, Mrs. Clause and the elves.  If you still believe in the magic of Christmas, or have any decency left you, this one may not be for you. (also available at Barnes & Noble)
December 3rd 2011

9) Cobwebs & Antiquities - "The Statue Garden" - This is a story I had in my mind for many years and finally came together in 2011.  It's a haunting tale of a girl's nightmare coming back to haunt her and her friend's as adults. (also available at Barnes & Noble)
April 11th 2011

10) Strangely Funny - "The Taste of Copper" - You who are reading this had a hand in the creation of the story.  The winner of my reader poll, 'Classic' vampire created has no teeth to feed with.  It's a comedic horror story in a book of oddly humorous dark stories. (also available at Barnes & Noble)
August 1st 2013

11) Undead of Winter - "Under the Hood of Winter" - Contemplating retirement Paranormal Detective James S. Peckman travels to Morton, Washington with grave news, but is drawn into something more disturbing than he was prepared for.
November 13th 2013

12) Deathology - "Dead by Dawn" - My first published comic work takes place in a world where ghosts are real, and have been domesticated as haunted house attractions. In a world where ghosts aren't a threat, humans remain the scariest monsters. (currently out of print)
March 1st 2015

13) "Nightmare Noir" - The book I've been waiting my whole life to publish, not a shared anthology but a book all my own. Follow Detective James S. Peckman as he solves nine paranormal cases, ranging from vampires, werewolves, and demonic gods from a forgotten land and time. (also available at Barnes & Noble)
April 10th 2015

Stay tuned for more.  Remember you can purchase all books at the provided links, at My Amazon Author's Page, or directly from me at the AzarRising Mobile Bookstore and receive a signed and personalized copy.