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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Free Thoughts 8/15

I turn 30 in six days and I'm sick, if that's not some cruel reminder that I'm getting older I don't know what is.    Mind you, I'm laughing as I type this so don't take this too seriously.  Since I started doing these Free Thoughts I flirted with the idea of writing about my birthday, but I don't want it to come off as mopey or emo, but now I feel like crap and am ok with however it comes off as.

I'm happy with where my writing is, I've had nine short stories published to date, and I have another two coming in a single anthology due out in October.  That will actually be the first time I have two stories in a single anthology, and I'm very excited about that.  Late last year I published in two anthologies that my good friend was also in, which is the closest we've come to being published together, so far.

I'm working on a novel that's taking a lot longer than I had anticipated.  Initially I planned on having finished my first full novel by the time I turned 30, but that's not going to happen.  I've taken comfort that I'll finish at the age of 30.  The major draw back of writing a novel after working on short stories for so long is that I don't have that (near) instant gratification.  I've actually been tempted to post samplings of the book here on the blog, but don't want to spoil it or rush a sample before the novel's even finished.

Aside from the writing, I have a well paying job, although it's just that, a job.  My career is and always will be as an author, I just don't really make money off of it yet.  My company has had me at some great locations in NYC, such as; Columbia University, Rockefeller Center, The Chrysler Building, and currently in the middle of Times Square.

People ask me how I feel about turning 30, and while I joke about it, I'm actually ok with it.  I would rather not be single, especially when I see 80% of my graduating class is already married with kids...

...I just reread what I've typed so far and it really sounds like a personal add for an online dating service, so let me switch it up.  I may be turning 30 in 6 days, but my body feels 10 years older, and my mind is 15 years younger. So, in my opinion I'm ahead of the curve, ladies apply within ;)